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Why Do I Hate Myself – Video 1

Why Do I Hate Myself?


Amber:  Why do I hate myself so much? I hate everything about myself. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I feel gross. I don’t like what I see. How can I change that? Why am I suicidal?


I hope you have found the answers you were seeking in this video.  You must define what “hate” is before you can determine exactly what it is that you hate about yourself.

The definition of hate  from merriam-webster dictionary is as follows:

Definition of HATE


a :intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury

b : extreme dislike or antipathy : loathing <had a great hate of hard work>

: an object of hatred <a generation whose finest hate had been big business — F. L. Paxson>
why do I hate myselfIf you look at hate, it is more than a definition. Hate is a conduct and an action. You must determine what exactly do you hate about yourself.  The only way you will ever be able to get to a point where you DON’T say “I NEED SELF ESTEEM” is to first identify those things you don’t like about yourself.
Write a list of things that you specifically don’t like about yourself such as “my stomach is too big” or “I don’t like the size of my breast” or “I don’t like the way my face looks.”
Once you have identified exactly what you don’t like, begin to work on those things. Either change the thing you don’t like about yourself, i.e lose weight or begin to love yourself the way that you are.  You will continue to have low self esteem and continue to ask why do I hate myself” if you don’t love you for who you are.


To Your Recovery,


Why do I hate myself?




P.S. Don’t forget to start journaling if you have not already started. It is so important to your recovery.



  1. Your story, just what I read of it in your blog, is amazing. You may not feel that you’re getting very much encouragement, but what you’re doing has taken a great amount of courage. I haven’t read your book, but I want to. In reflecting on my own childhood relationship with my sibling, I have to ask you, when does normal conflict between two siblings cross the line into bullying or sibling abuse? As adults, so many of us talk about and remember fighting with our brothers and sisters and being picked on by our older siblings. As the little sister, it never dawned on me to think of what happened as bullying or sibling abuse. So, how do you know? Does it have to be something drastic or more a pattern of cruelty? Truly, I pray your story and this issue gets a national stage and opens a good dialogue on this issue.

    • Ssissou,

      Thank you for your comment. I don’t think bullying is good at all. Why should you tease someone you love and make them feel bad. Why would you want to hurt someone in that way, especially your family member?

      Bullying over and over has caused kids to commit suicide. People don’t understand the effects this has on kids. It hurts. I know a few people this has happened to and to listen to their story breaks my heart. If only people really understood the hurt they are causing that person they are bullying. They may play it off like nothing, but when they are alone, that is when they are hurt the most and act out that hurt, to the extent of suicide sometimes.


  2. Stephanie Conray

    I think there should not be a person out there that hates themselves. You are in control of your looks, your weight, your life. Most people don’t really hate themselves, they hate something about them.

    If you make good choices in life and live according to God’s way, you should never hate yourself. You will love not only yourself, but all those who even hate you.

    You should start writing down what you don’t like about yourself and begin changing those things one at a time until you love yourself and have self confidence.

    • Stephanie,

      I agree with you. Thank you for commenting. I also believe people should look in the mirror more often. I find many people don’t like to change. If only they would make the needed changes, they would find their life happier.


  3. I’m impressed, I must say. Truly rarely do I encounter a blog that is both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your thought is outstanding; the problem is some thing that not sufficient persons are speaking intelligently about. I am incredibly pleased that I stumbled across this in my search for some thing relating to this. I think part of the reason people hate themselves is because they have not learned to love themselves. People try to compare themselves to others. If the would just love who they are, it would make them happy inside. If you have a problem of hating yourself, I would suggest you find the true reasons why you do hate yourself and fix them one out of a time. If you go through life like this, you will live a miserable life.

    • Stephany,

      Thank you for the comment. I agree with you. People must find the reason they don’t like themselves and fix those areas of their life. There should be no reason why one should hate themselves because the way they look or because their nose is too big. If you change your heart into a loving kind heart, you can only be beautiful. I wish women would stop comparing themselves to others. It is sad, but I am afraid it will not end.


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